Let’s talk FOCUS!  Whether we’re helping our kids head back to school or trying to efficiently get through our own workday, essential oils can provide our brain the support it needs to function at its best.  And not only during the day.  Often we have trouble sleeping because our brain can’t settle, and the same essential oils that help us focus during the day can help us sleep at night.  Here are a few essential oils perfect for both!

Vetiver.  Known for its earthy fragrance, vetiver is a power essential oil to help the overactive brain.  Its grounding properties not only help focus the brain, but also aid in a good night’s rest.  Have trouble sleeping because you can’t settle your thoughts?  This essential oil is for you.

Cedarwood.  Thoughts bouncing all over the place?  Cedarwood is a well-known essential oil that helps to center the brain so it can concentrate.  Just like vetiver, this essential oil can aid in sleep as well.  Perfect to mix with lavender when you have trouble letting go of the day!

Rosemary.  Struggle with brain fog?  Have a thought that’s on the tip of your tongue but you can’t pull it out?  Rosemary Essential Oil is a great choice for you.  If you’re studying for a test or prepping for a presentation at work, this essential oil may assist with both memory and recall.  Beautifully mixes with Orange.

Orange.  Citrus Essential Oils, like Orange, are clinically known to elevate our moods and lower stress.  Our mind cannot perform at its peak when we are under stress, so lowering our stress levels can really help our concentration.  Diffusing while you work will also support your immune system, an added benefit.  Mix with peppermint for an extra boost as peppermint essential oils wakes up the brain.

Favorite diffuser combination for the brain:  2 drops each of Rosemary, Peppermint, and Orange.

These tips are provided to you by Jodi Christensen, Young Living Silver Leader.  For more information on the benefits of essential oils please contact at jodichristensen@comcast.net