“What does it look like to take Core’s 7 Foundations of Fitness on Vacation”

My vacation to Costa Rica reinforced what we teach at Core – The 7 Foundations of Fitness – practice these things to lead to a longer, healthier life.

As CORE trainers we are committed to helping all our members understand and live the 7 Foundations of Fitness that help make up CORE’s mission. These foundations (Hydration, Fuel, Movement, Heart Rate Training, Pre & Post Recovery, Life Balance and Community) can be done both inside and outside the gym and can become foundations that make us better. I recently had the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica’s “Blue Zone”, one of 5 zones in the world where the population is living longer than the rest of the world. Studying up on what makes these areas different form the rest of the world, I was struck how some of the most important things in this zone align with our 7 foundations.

Blue Zone Facts:
1. Each person lives with a purpose – Knowing their values, passions and talents and sharing them with those around them on a daily basis.

2. To combat stress and inflammation on the body, meditation and naps are part of daily routine.

3. Eating a big healthy breakfast to fuel the morning, eating with family uninterrupted by electronics and expression of gratitude for what they are about to eat bring focus to what food is for, “Fuel” for your body.

4. Live life in constant movement. Slowing down to enjoy the moments that you can during the day but always keeping the body in motion (That does not mean sitting in your car and driving around from one thing to the next) Walking, hiking, taking stairs, swimming, dancing etc..

5. Family and Community First – Investing an enormous amount of time in the family (kids, parents and close relationships) as well as surrounding themselves with like minded people.

Here are a few pictures of our CORE Foundations at work on vacation. Commit to Be Stronger. Be Better. Be You!!