and every story is unique.

What CORE57 members agree on is that they have experienced a personal transformation by being here.

We hear over and over again the amazement that they feel empowered and inspired.

That’s what gets our trainers and instructors out of bed and on the floor every day.

We know our individual attention and personalized support is paying off for our clients.

When you join CORE57, we know you will feel great about yourself, and your overall health.

But don’t take our word for it.


“I’ve learned eating strategies 

that will last a lifetime!“


Prior to working with Rebecca, other programs I have followed focused on calorie counting but not learning how to get the RIGHT BALANCE of nutrients and have been very restrictive in nature. This program has taught me a number of habit-changing tips that work for ME PERSONALLY such as honing in on my trigger foods and how to do the next right thing when I start to get off track and get away from the self-defeating black and white mindset. Also, Rebecca has helped me find foods that are filling and satisfying that I actually enjoy, and even how to include alcohol in social situations! We have worked on paying attention to hunger cues and strategies for stress and boredom eating. The results have been amazing and I am starting to get my waistline back for the first time in 15 years! This feels like a life change that motivates me to continue on my healthy journey.”

Results from 5 months of working together…and Shannon is STILL going! She lost 22 POUNDS of pure fat! She is down more than 20 total pounds, but increased her muscle mass. She is down 2 sizes and wearing bikini bottoms on the beach WITHOUT a “Mom skirt.” Not only does she feel so much more confident in her body, but before she started working on her nutrition, her knees and back were so bad that she couldn’t even do very many lower body exercises at all. Now, she does lunges with weight, kettlebell deadlifts and swings pain free, and has become one of our strongest overall female clients! She even MOVES LIKE AN ATHLETE!

"I am in the best shape of my life!"


Nutrition with Rebecca at CORE57 has been life changing for me, I now have a wonderful relationship with food. She has taught me that food is fuel not the enemy. Educating me on proper portions and putting ALL the food groups together correctly. There are no “restrictions” I can eat with my family and actually enjoy social time with friends.  No more dieting for me just a healthy relationship with food. I am in the best shape of my life! Thank you, Coach Becca!”

Karen has been awesome! Karen lost 6 lbs of fat, decreased body fat by 7%, and gained 5 lbs of pure lean skeletal muscle mass! She looks 20 years younger than her actual age. WOW!

Following total shoulder replacement surgery, I was looking for a gym that would work with my personal goals and rehabilitation goals set by the surgeon and physical therapists. The collaboration between the trainers and myself have exceeded my expectations as well as those of my orthopedic team with regards to stability, strength, flexibility and range of motion. Thank you CORE57 Team.”


CORE57 Member

“CORE57 has been a lifesaver for me. Every time I went to the other gyms I would reinjure myself, see no gains, and just stop. At every session at CORE57, my progress was monitored and the workouts adjusted to build strength without injury. I am stronger than I have ever been.”


CORE57 Member

“CORE57 has been a great choice in helping me to live an overall healthier lifestyle. Not only is it convenient – an efficient 45-minute workout is perfect – but it truly delivers results in a fun, relaxed, and inviting environment. It’s truly a fantastic program that has gotten me to and kept me in the best shape of my life.”


CORE57 Member


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