and every story is unique.
What CORE 57 members agree on is that they have experienced a personal transformation by being here. We hear over and over again the amazement that they feel empowered and inspired.

That’s what gets our trainers and instructors out of bed and on the floor every day. We know our individual attention and personalized support is paying off for our clients. When you join CORE 57, we know you will feel great about yourself, and your overall health.

But don’t take our word for it.

“In February 2012, my wife, since deceased, decided that I ought to get more fitness into my life. She had seen signs for Core Fitness Classes at the old Community Center on Hopewell Rd. and suggested that I ought to join. I went by and signed up for a month. At that time I was sort of in shape, but not fit. I weighed about 195 lbs and had a vague idea as to where some of my muscles were located. It so happened that I joined the 8:30 AM session that meets MWF. That time was the most convenient for me because it was after most of the school traffic. Granted it was a lucky guess but I joined a whole group of very nice people. They all knew that my wife, Debbie, had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and they were all very supportive. Even more importantly, they became good friends who attended her funeral in July 2012.

I am still in that workout session and many of the people who were there initially, are still there. I had always known that I had abs but six packs had not been an issue for about 40 or more years. They are still not six packs but I can at least see the outline of their location. My weight is down to 180 and it is evident that muscle weighs more than fat, as I have also had to have trousers altered to have a better fit. When I first started, I could comfortably do 15 push-ups, now I can comfortably do 50 without stopping. That means I can max the Army Physical Fitness Test in that category for a 30-year old. Oh, I forgot to mention that this past July my 8:30 group helped me celebrate my 70th birthday. Please get yourself back to the fitness that you would like to have so that you can continue to celebrate birthdays with your family to include grandchildren. COME AND JOIN US!!!!!!!

Ronnie, 8:30am Class

“I became a CORE member about 5 months ago. It turned out to be exactly what I hoped it would be and much more. It provides the structure, accountability, and motivation I need. I know my trainer and fellow members are expecting to see me there which motivates me to go and give my best effort in each class. The classes are different day to day so we are working different areas of the body. It’s up to the individual exactly how much you’re going to push yourself and ultimately what you’re going to get out of it. The format allows you the flexibility to start slow and increase effort as you get stronger and build endurance over time.

I have really seen quite a transformation in my body over these 5 months. My arms and shoulders are bigger, my legs and core are much stronger, and I have even dropped a couple notches on my belt size. It has made a big difference in my performance in the two sports I love playing: golf and soccer. In golf, I’m noticeably longer off the tee with less effort and more control and I’m consistently shooting lower scores. In soccer, I feel I have more endurance and more control over my body due to a stronger core and strengthening of areas of my legs I had never given any attention to before. My body is also able to recover much quicker from soccer games. I really love the results.

Bottom line, I really enjoy the workouts and have a lot of fun. Kolleen knows how to keep you motivated while keeping it fun. She genuinely cares about helping each individual reach their fitness goals. I’ve enjoyed meeting many new friends through the classes. I highly recommend you make the time to give CORE a try, and I recommend you stick with it. I think you’ll be very glad you did. I know I am.”

Chad, 8:30am Class

“The fitness classes have really changed Polly’s life,” he said. “She’s been doing it for a year three times a week. She now recognizes the benefits of fitness, is less stressed and looks great.”

CJ, Husband of Polly, 7:30am Class who later joined Core Physique

“This is my first month with CORE and I was a bit skeptical as I have been in a few boot camps before but what a surprise! CORE is very different than your typical boot camp, not only do I love the workouts, but it is a total package from recovery techniques for injuries to advice on nutrition, training, and trigger point. All this helps in the much needed change in lifestyle which will help me to reach my individual goals. Also, the learning is not done when you leave for the day. The communication is great! I receive emails with at-home workouts and tips. I am part of the 7:30 group with a great group of people and friends that will keep me accountable. Give CORE a shot!”

Jill, 7:30am Class

“As a runner (4-5 days a week, 3-4 miles typically), I was looking to add some variety to my exercise routine. A friend who has been with CORE convinced me to try out their classes. After the first day, I was really surprised that I was so out of shape and sore. The class worked muscles that I now realize I don’t use often. After only a couple of weeks, I already can tell a difference in my arm, core, and leg strength. Even though it is cold outside, I actually prefer it with the fresh air. The classes are fun, always different and a great 45-minute strength / total body workout for me!”

Jen, 7:30am Class

“I attended the Trigger Point training last Saturday and was amazed the difference it made. We worked on our right side and by the end of class my left shoulder was an inch higher and I was able to lower my left hand 3 inches closer to my toes. I could not believe a trigger point ball could stretch my muscles to make that big of a difference! I’m looking forward to using this technique in my everyday training.”

Bradd, 5:45 Class

“I have been with CORE for just couple of weeks, and so far, my experience has been great. I feel all trainers are very experienced and they ALL care about each one of us individually. I can see every time I attend class, it has been previously prepared for us, in a very organized and neat way. I love it! I love that the trainers take the time to actually bring all the equipment, set it up for us and then pick it all up after class…. Ahhh also love the fact that they bring some music too! I believe CORE is a place to stay and become family! Thank you guys for your support!”

Alby, 6:30pm Class

“Just show up!” That is what the Running 101 coach, Curly Teeter told me at the beginning of September when I started. I had never been a runner but always wanted to be. After 5 short weeks I ran my first 5K! The coach gives me the encouragement I need and an overall understanding of what to do to improve my running. We stretch before and after and during our runs the coach gives us tips on breathing, pacing, relaxing, and more. We keep a running log to track our running success. I can honestly say that I love it now and look forward to reaching my next goal of a 10K! ”

Happy Runner, Christi

“Since joining CORE about a month ago I am more toned, less achy, and have actually lost a few pounds. I can honestly say that this is the first time IN MY LIFE that I actually look forward to exercising. The classes are challenging, yet the activities always vary and the time just seems to fly by. I also feel that I am learning the proper way to exercise, and I am genuinely motivated by the instructors and my classmates. I am telling everyone I know how much I like this program.

Donna, 8:30am Class

“I enrolled my two kids, ages 6 and 9 at the time, in the CORE Kids fitness classes last summer and I was not disappointed. My kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves, while also building their strength, endurance, and fitness levels. The best part of the class was that I was able to maintain my own fitness regimen without interruption as the kids and I participated at the same time. So, if you’re looking for something fun and energetic to do with your kids this summer AND are seeking to commit to or maintain your own schedule, I highly recommend Kids fitness classes as an option. The instructor was very engaged and pleasant, challenged the kids, and made the entire process fun. My kids looked forward to going, and so did I.”

Stewart Family

“In about 6 months, I have lost 10-12 lbs and kept it off, and at my last doctor’s appointment, my good cholesterol was the highest it has ever been since I’ve been getting tested.”

Tom S., 5:45am Class

“I never thought exercising at 5:45 am could be fun AND hugely beneficial. This is the best workout program I’ve ever experienced.”

Phil C., 5:45am Class

“I was looking for a sustainable program that impacted the whole body and helped me build flexibility and tone my muscles. I learned about CORE’s fitness approach and decided to give it a try. I am glad I did as I am not overwhelmed with strenuous back breaking exercises, I get the perfect intensity to tone my muscles, raise my heart rate and give me the much needed workout without it being too sissy or a bulk building routine. The regimen is a very good balance of stretching, cardio and resistance training, something I needed to build endurance for my upcoming marathon. I would be amiss if I did not appreciate the fun and non-intimidating company and most importantly the trainers.”

Farookh S., 8:30 Class

“I had my hip replaced a few years ago and thought that I could never participate in “boot camp.” Well, I was wrong. Before starting, Kolleen let me know she would have modifications for me if I couldn’t do what the group does. I love that every session is different and fun which make the work outs go by so quickly. It doesn’t feel like work. Not only have I’ve strengthened my leg muscles but I’m working toward a complete body makeover. When I work out I eat healthier and feel better about myself. Kolleen is a great motivator and the ladies are a great support system.”

Jennifer S., 7:30am Class

“At my 3rd time attending CORE, I asked Kolleen for advice and accommodations for a very stiff and sore neck. She responded not just with words but with actions. While effectively leading the members through an intense leg and core workout, she gave me Trigger point therapy during the session. I was in awe and amazed at the TLC she provided and at the benefit I felt afterward and the next day. Remember, I am a newbie to the class, yet she provided attention as if I had been her client for years. I believe that CORE goes above and beyond any personal training experience out there. Kolleen is the best in class at what they do.”

Barbara M., 6:30 pm Class

“I started CORE in April and have to say it has been one of my best workout decisions ever! I have experimented with many different kinds of programs over the past 10 years and have found the group classes outdoors to be both incredibly effective, challenging, yet fun. It is a great group of people, with knowledgeable trainers/coaches who will modify and challenge you individually based on your needs/limitations. I look forward to the workouts and would recommend it to anyone from beginner to advanced.”

Christine F., 8:30 am Class

“I initially joined the program because Kolleen offered it as a one-month fundraiser for a baseball program. I figured for a month I could help the team and help myself. I’m now going on my 7th month. The physical results have been great, but more importantly it has re-energized my passion to workout. I’m disappointed if I miss the “opportunity” to get up at 5:20 AM to get to my workout. Beyond Kolleen’s enthusiasm, I really enjoy having the rest of class there. It’s a new set of friends. They were welcoming in the beginning to help me learn the exercises, and now we can push each other to get that extra little bit out of every exercise. This has been a great experience for me.”

Andy, 5:45am Class

“The CORE Holiday Contest was exactly what I needed to get through the holidays!!! My weight always tends to creep up from Thanksgiving to Christmas and I am always left depressed, feeling defeated, and making New Year’s resolutions to lose the extra pounds by spring break… such a frustrating cycle! Using the challenges, I was able to maintain my weight throughout the ‘sweet season’ without punishing myself or abstaining from all the treats. I focused on several of the challenges at different times to stay on track, without feeling overwhelmed about having to do it all. I love the variety of the challenges and was able to complete most of them, knowing they were helping contribute to my goal of not gaining during the holidays… Thanks CORE!!! :)”

Christine, 8:30am Class

“I am a transfer from another exercise program. I can say I made the right decision in this transfer. I am getting a complete body workout by the end of the week. I do the MWF class. I am enjoying the people in the class. There is a variety of different physical levels and I fit in perfectly. The workouts are challenging and after the class I feel I got an amazing workout that I could have never done on my own. I observe the trainers modify any and all workouts based on your physical capacity and they help push you when you need it. So glad I am a part of CORE.”

Fran R., 8:30 Class

“I’ve been with CORE since the beginning – almost 2 1/2 years! For me, just saying that says something about CORE’s program. I was the seasonal exerciser – workout for a couple of months, start seeing results and then stop thinking those results would last. I found CORE and stayed because the workouts are different every time I go, the fellow members are great and hold you accountable and the trainers carefully watch how you are performing the exercises to ensure proper form. They are not on a stage doing the exercises with you where they can’t notice if you are doing the moves correctly. The CORE weekly emails help me to understand the inner workings of my body and what I should and shouldn’t do for optimal health. And, I have seen results! I have dropped a size in clothing, become stronger, and my endurance has increased tremendously allowing me to run my first 1/2 marathon last year. I think the biggest thing I have noticed, especially during this time of year, is that I haven’t been sick. Two years ago, I would catch every illness my kids brought home. Not now!

The trainers at CORE have brought some unique exercises to the mix that really kick your butt (in a good way). I don’t see myself going anywhere else anytime soon!

Tracy H., 8:30 Class

I am in the best shape of my life and I owe it all to Kolleen and her team at CORE. For the past 16 months I’ve been working out with CORE. The trainers have challenged me to do things I never thought I could do and have taught me proper form and provided the tools for my exercise success. Since being a CORE member, I’ve run 4 10K’s including my first Peachtree Road Race and have met some incredible people I now call my friends. Even through a few injuries I’ve been able to remain a member due to the care and concern of the trainers! They never let me give up. I’m still excited after all this time to go to class!”

Linda B., 6:30pm Class

“After not having a set workout routine in quite a while I joined CORE 2 months ago and what a difference it has made! I’m feeling so much better and can tell such a difference in my strength. Kolleen, Garrett, and Tammy are the BEST!

Nancy M., 8:30am Class

“My name is Zaviar Gooden, I graduated from the University of Missouri and was recently drafted by the Tennessee Titans. During the 2012 football season I suffered a major hamstring injury that could’ve had a drastic impact on whether or not I’d get drafted. After the 2012 season I was introduced to a Trigger Point master trainer by the name of Kolleen, whom is now a great friend of mine. Kolleen taught me different exercises with the Trigger Point products and showed me how to use them correctly. The first time I used it I worked my right leg first and noticed it felt ten times lighter than the left. When I completed the routine my body felt better than it had in years. Being an athlete staying healthy and having your body functioning properly is vital, this is why I use Trigger Point products faithfully. I trained very hard during the NFL draft process and went home barely walking some days. I could only continue to go hard the next day because Trigger Point helped me recover by releasing deep soreness in my muscles. The night before the NFL combine I went through the full Trigger Point routine and was able to finish as a top performer in 6/7 testing events. I make sure I travel everywhere with my set of rollers and balls because it makes a tremendous difference in my quickness, flexibility, health, and recovery. I truly believe Trigger Point played a major role in getting me drafted and it will prolong my NFL career.”

Zaviar Gooden, Tennessee Titan

“At the beginning of the year I had to visit my doctor to have my blood pressure medicine increased. He informed me that walking on a treadmill was doing me no good and that I needed to start some type of interval training. Soon after my boss invited me to join her at a 5:45am class at CORE and I accepted. This was the beginning of the best decision I have ever made regarding my own health. Over the last 6 years I have been through multiple joint surgeries and had become tired, lazy and the heaviest I have ever been in my life. Starting off with more sore muscles than I even knew I had and with a 2 month break for yet another joint surgery I am now the healthiest I have been in a very long time. I have increased flexibility, more bend in my replacement knees and energy enough to attend 3 days a week. IT HAS TRULY BEEN A TRANSFORMATION!!!! I have dropped a size, 15 pounds, and reduced my blood pressure medicine to lower than it was before the start of the year. I give credit to Kolleen and the other trainers with my new and improved self.”

Jeanette C., 5:45 Class