1)    All members must reserve their space through the CORE57 app.

2)    12 hours notice is required when canceling any class or training session.

3)    Less than 12 hour cancellation may result in a $10 late fee charge. 

4)    A two week notice is required in writing for any membership changes or cancellations.

5)    All workout equipment is to remain on property and be cleaned and replaced after workouts.

6)    CORE57 is not responsible for children while parents are attending class.

7)    Children under the age of 13 are not allowed on the training floor unless attending a youth class. 

8)    Any unclaimed clothing or water bottles will be donated to charity.

9)    Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone not adhering to policies. 


With the latest Covid concerns, we want to be sure you are aware of the guidelines being followed by CORE57. By following strict cleaning protocols, we are determined to remain open and available to all of you. Please help us limit exposure by following these guidelines:

Indirect or secondary exposure means you have come in contact with a person who has come in contact with a positive Covid case. Clients may attend classes as long as they are symptom-free. Symptoms can include fever, cough, extreme fatigue, shortness of breath.

Positive Covid test – please remain home until 10 days have passed since the first symptom or after a positive test.

Direct exposure is defined by being within 6 feet of a confirmed Covid positive person for more than 15 minutes and/or direct close contact.

If Asymptomatic but have had direct exposure:

    1    Stay home for 7 days

    2    If you test positive, remain out for 10 days from the positive test.

    3    Communicate directly with me so confidential tracing may take place.

If Symptomatic:

    1    Remain outside of the gym 10 days since the first symptom or positive Covid test.

    2    Communicate directly with me so confidential tracing may take place.

Thank you so much for your understanding,

Kolleen Losch



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