Is your sports team in need of some extra sport-specific conditioning to improve their game? Are you in the off-season and want to keep your kids active and in shape for the upcoming season? Core 57 Milton is offering private Speed & Agility Training for your team. Help your kids get stronger, faster and more reactionary.

Hear what other coaches thought of Core 57 off season training:

West Girls Lacrosse was looking for Speed, Agility and Strength program during the off-season and pre-season conditioning, which Core 57  Milton has exceeded expectations. Core 57 instructors have been instrumental in developing our West Girls Lacrosse Program beyond the X & Os on the field. Core 57 team program has resulted in substantial development in Strength, Speed, flexibility and Strength in our players. The girls have seen great individual improvement, but more importantly they have learned how to properly train to avoid injury. The players really liked instructor Anna Kirchoff, she motivated them to get better during interval training. Our coaches have seen significant benefit both physically and in our players confidence as they they have been pushed beyond their “Athletic comfort Zone”. The true testament is when you ask the girls what they think, “its Hard work, but we know it gets us better” , as they are rolling out after a session.

Erik Merkel, West Girls Lacrosse President

As a coach, you want your athletes to perform in those pivotal moments, but preparing them for competition is much more than just time in the pool or on the field. With the help of Kolleen and her team at Core 57 Milton, I can give my athletes support with their strength and conditioning, injury prevention, and nutrition to make sure they are physically and mentally prepared. Our kids get personalized support for their needs and with a holistic approach that prepares them for competition as well as a lifetime of wellness. Being at Core 57 is about education as much as it is about training, and for that reason, our program has seen long-term success as a result of our partnership.

Lauren Hall, Cambridge High School Swim & Dive Team

Please contact Kolleen at or 770.663.0034 to discuss how we can help your team.

Need a bit extra to get you in top performance shape during the pre-season or ready for the big tryout? We have a couple of options for you.

Personal Training – we will match you with the perfect trainer to get you where you want to be. Improve your speed, reaction times, strength, power with one-on-one training with trainers who are invested in seeing you succeed in your athletic goals. The first step is to schedule a free assessment to discuss your goals and build a schedule that meets your needs.

Large Group Classes – we have a variety of classes to build strength and stamina, increase flexibility and get you in shape for your upcoming sports season. We offer a discounted Unlimited Large Group class Student Rate. Come in for your free assessment and we can match you with classes that will keep you in shape and ready for “go time”.