CORE57 Milton will match you with the right trainer (not just any trainer) for your needs, and then help you to create a schedule that works for you. Choose one weekly session as an anchor workout to motivate and keep you accountable. Or, make it two or three times a week, and attack your fitness goals with a no-excuses coach dedicated to help you be your best. All of our trainers are certified and very knowledgeable about how your body responds. They focus their workouts on functional fitness, balance and flexibility exercises.

No two workouts are the same

This isn’t just about exercises you can find anywhere. Your workout is about you – the one and only you. We get to know you immediately: what makes you tick, what you eat, how you sleep, where your aches and pains are. Then the magic happens. Every movement, and every practice is as unique as you are. Whether you are looking for strength training, flexibility, cardio conditioning, our trainers and coaches know how to make your workout fun, focused and highly effective.

Unlimited Options

Flexibility is built in to CORE57’s Individual Person Training plans. You can mix and match other CORE57 services or trainers for variety and scheduling needs. Our community is able to provide an enormous variety to keep you motivated and moving towards your goals.

Be Strong. Be Better. Be You.

If you are looking for more personalized training to meet your needs, CORE57 is the perfect place. The expert team at CORE57 will create an individualized program for you based on your fitness goals. You will be assessed, monitored, motivated, and held accountable like never before. Personal Training is your BEST option for maximum results.

Individual Personal Training sessions are available at the Milton location only

Private, duo, trio sessions available

Athlete Training

Call CORE57 – MILTON at 770-663-0034 or click HERE to set up a free

assessment to see if Individual training is right for you.

Following total shoulder replacement surgery, I was looking for a gym that would work with my personal goals and rehabilitation goals set by the surgeon and physical therapists. The collaboration between the trainers and myself have exceeded my expectations as well as those of my orthopedic team with regards to stability, strength, flexibility and range of motion. Thank you CORE57 Team.”


CORE57 Member

“CORE57 has been a lifesaver for me. Every time I went to the other gyms I would reinjure myself, see no gains, and just stop. At every session at CORE57, my progress was monitored and the workouts adjusted to build strength without injury. I am stronger than I have ever been.”


CORE57 Member

“CORE57 has been a great choice in helping me to live an overall healthier lifestyle. Not only is it convenient – an efficient 45-minute workout is perfect – but it truly delivers results in a fun, relaxed, and inviting environment. It’s truly a fantastic program that has gotten me to and kept me in the best shape of my life.”


CORE57 Member


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