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Of our 7 Foundations at CORE57, Fuel and Hydration are at the top!  Without the right nutrition coming in, we cannot expect the best from our body’s performance!  We are incredibly passionate about educating our clients with the correct nutrition information, especially given all the dogma and quick-fix solutions out there today.  Nutrition is an incredibly individual thing, but once armed with all the knowledge we provide our clients, they are finally empowered to create lasting and sustainable habits around food while still enjoying life!

Rebecca shares her story, “My passion for helping people with food goes way beyond protein, carbs and fat and telling you how much of each to eat.  I understand that our relationship with food, exercise and body image can be very challenging for some.  I have struggled for the majority of my life in this area, and can relate to anyone!  What I love to do, is help people understand food, what it does for our bodies, release the stigma of “good” vs “bad”, get you OFF the extreme diet rollercoaster and improve your RELATIONSHIP with food and body.  With 10+ years of nutrition coaching experience, my best asset is in melding both food science and diet psychology, which is the sweet spot for not only achieving the results you’re looking for, but KEEPING them!  ”  Read Rebecca’s full bio HERE.

Sara says about nutrition, “I am a firm believer that nutrition is THE BIGGEST part of a healthy lifestyle. I completed my Precision Nutrition Level 1 (2018) and Level 2 (2021) certification to be educated on how help clients develop healthy habits with eating. With so much nutrition information out there, it is important to focus on how we stay balanced with eating and keep it simple.  Read Sara’s full bio HERE.

Rebecca and Sara would love to meet with you for a consultation about your biggest health concerns and work with you on making nutrition a focus in your life!

CORE57 has many affordable options and, as always, we offer a free 15 minute consultation.

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“This is the program I did this Spring with Sara Harrison from CORE57.  It’s a program educating you on being lean for life, versus all those non-sustainable ‘quick drop 10 lbs. in a ridiculously short amount of time’ plans.  You’ll love this!  I learned so much that I implemented.  I continue to see results while enjoying life.  Invest in your health - you only get one.”


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“CORE57 has been a lifesaver for me. Every time I went to the other gyms I would reinjure myself, see no gains, and just stop. At every session at CORE57, my progress was monitored and the workouts adjusted to build strength without injury. I am stronger than I have ever been.”


CORE57 Member

“CORE57 has been a great choice in helping me to live an overall healthier lifestyle. Not only is it convenient – an efficient 45-minute workout is perfect – but it truly delivers results in a fun, relaxed, and inviting environment. It’s truly a fantastic program that has gotten me to and kept me in the best shape of my life.”


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