September, 2019

Zach lives and breathes the 7 Foundations of Core! From the day he joined he has been walking the walk and talking the talk. He listened to our system and worked it. He always shows up for classes with the best attitude and always gives his best. Thank you Zach for choosing Core and being part of our Core Family.

About Zach
I’m 39 and I’ve been happily married for over 10 years while living mainly NC and Georgia. I have two kids named Eli and Emerson. We also have a dog named Caper. I love to laugh, I try to liven up any moment that I can. I have a great job teaching middle school health and PE at Hopewell (going on 5 years now). I was a bad listener and hard headed as a kid, so I’ve taken an approach of being the teacher I wish I had while in middle school. I have also helped change the HPE program to a more dynamic program over the last four years. We now emphasize trying your best and finding what you truly enjoy about moving versus celebrating only the athletes. I love sports and my favorite teams are the Chicago Bears, White Sox/Cubs, and the Bulls. I also cheer on teams where I live so I’ve adopted the Braves and Falcons. I shopped around before I decided to join CP. I was in need of a change. My health had been deteriorating and I was getting bored with LA Fitness. I have been with Core for about 7 months and I’m super happy I made the choice to join. I lost weight immediately and dropped my body fat to 16% within two months. I was drawn to this place by the recovery, atmosphere, the trainers, and the excitement the owner has at getting people motivated to live a healthy lifestyle.

Pre-Core Fitness 
I mostly lifted at LA Fitness the past 2 years or so. Before that I was a basketball player with bad knees. I love being active and try to get my students to see how awesome it is to be active each and every day.

Favorite Exercise
I love working out my core cause it is my weakest area. I love adding core to workouts (sorry to all the trainers).

Least Favorite Exercise 
I despise pull-ups lol

Music To Move To 
Hip hop, hard rock, or pop music. If I can sing during the workouts I know I’m not pushing myself enough so I go harder.

Exercise Outside of Core  
Yes, I ride my peloton bike and move a ton while at school. I participate with my students while playing sports as much as I can. I also play games outside with my boys.

“Cheat” Food Faves
Sugar. I love going to the movies and eating sugary food. This usually happens two times a month. I love watching movies, both old and new and my favorite movie would have to be a tie between Empire Strikes Back, Snatch, Predator, and The Dark Knight.

The Perfect Day “No Exercise Required? 
I’d get a pedicure for my feet cause I’m on them a lot. Probably go to the movies and eat lunch or dinner at Local Wood Fire Grille. My wife would have to be included for a date night of throwing axes or Top Golf.

Your Core Supporter
My wife most definitely. She is tough on me when I eat poorly, I should listen more. She also pushes me when I feel like being lazy. She is an amazing woman and I definitely married up!

Why You Stay With Core
The people in the gym and the trainers who kick my butt every class. I have loved trying Barre, Yoga, upper, lower, core, and Metcon over the last few months. This place is amazing!

Core Transformation 
Better abs so I can get new tattoos. My wife and I made a deal that by the end of the year I’d need to be under 15% body fat (I’m going for under 12%). My overall health has gotten better from better portion control and the amazing workouts CP puts me through each time I take a class.