Traci Butler
June, 2020

Traci has made tremendous progress since joining! She has gained so much strength, is one of our strongest members, and recently due to reaching out for nutrition help, has dropped body fat and weight with diligent work! She pushes herself and wants to be pushed! She encourages and supports everyone around her and is a super cheerleader both to her peers and the gym as a whole!

About Traci
I’m a proud Indiana “Hoosier” native! I’m 53 years old, married to my husband, Doug, for 32 years. We are originally from Indiana and have lived in Georgia for 16 years and have 4 children; Sarah, 18 recent high school Senior class of 2020, Clayton 15, 10th grader, Taylor, 14, 9th grader and Derrick, 11 1/2, 6th grader. My daughter will attend Averett University, Danville VA in the fall. My two older boys attends Cambridge High School and my 6th grader will attend Hopewell Middle School. I chose CORE because I was tired of the basic “gym life”. I felt like I wasn’t being fulfilled with the group classes and didn’t receive helpful advice with correct form. I saw a special posted on facebook two years ago and reached out to Kolleen. I absolutely LOVE the connection here at CORE. The trainers take great pride and care preparing each workout. Their details of each exercise helps me understand what muscle is being targeted. They take care in assisting with correct form, encourage me and inspire me to do my best with each workout. I ALWAYS leave CORE feeling more confident and fulfilled after each workout.

Pre-Core Fitness 
Group classes, semi privates at One Life

Favorite Exercise
TRX with Pam and Semi Privates with Rebecca

Least Favorite Exercise 
Bulgarian squats (aka known as bullshit squats) and atomic pushups on the TRX

Music To Move To
Dance pop, 80’s, 90’s pop music, anytime kind of energizing music.

Exercise Outside of Core  
Dedicate at least 10 minutes of walking daily.

“Cheat” Food Faves
Chips of any kind!!

The Perfect Day “No Exercise Required? 
Having a day hanging out with girlfriends, shopping, spa day.

Why You Stay With Core
My gym buddies, trainers, the workouts. It’s nice to come to a place with the staff knows your name and greets you at the door. Both Chris and Pauline “set a positive tone” and greets you by saying your name once you enter the front door. You do NOT receive that experience at a retail chain gym!!

Core Transformation 
I was diagnosed with Hashimotos, a underactive thyroid, autoimmune disorder one year ago. Weight gain, fatigue, among other side effects has been a challenge for me. Coming to the gym helps keep me focused to take care of my whole body. CORE is so good for me both physically and mentally and I feel refreshed, revived and more confident after each workout. I also want to set an example for my four children to instill daily exercise as an important tool to assist with good health.