Marne Brian
August, 2020

Marne came to us in so much back pain that she was unsure she could workout. In the beginning, our primary focus was on re-engaging her muscles and getting her form down so that she was safe. Her progression in the gym has been from the very lowest level of regressed exercises to now advanced movements and with impressive amounts of weight! Not only is she not in pain anymore, she “feels so much stronger in general and on the tennis court too!” In addition to consistency in the gym, she cleaned up her eating habits, decreased alcohol consumption and lost body fat and weight to which she has maintained even during the quarantine. Marne attributes her transformation to her semi-private sessions where she has been able to focus on doing exercises correctly and attending to her specific needs with accountability and encouragement!

About Marne
I’m 51. Married for 30 years this August; stay at home mom; 4 kids- Rachel,19, Will, 17, and twins, Grace and Michael, 15; love to play tennis (I’ve been on the same Sunday Alta team since I was 27). I was an initial member at Bell Memorial Park where exercise was always outside and we brought our own equipment (that sounds so crazy to me now) and gradually became more slack as kids school schedule disrupted my workout routine. Then I fell off the wagon completely for 3 years or so. Frequent injuries and unhealthy habits, not to mention weight gain, got me back to Core late November last year.

Pre-Core Fitness 
Walking my dog Luli, and playing tennis

Favorite Exercise
Core/Back/Dead Lifts

Least Favorite Exercise 
Lunges and Bulgarian Split Squat

Music To Move To

Exercise Outside of Core  
Yes, walking, playing tennis

“Cheat” Food Faves
Brownies and key lime pie

The Perfect Day “No Exercise Required? 
Sleeping in, playing tennis with buddies then grabbing lunch, nap while floating in the pool, then reading a book or binge watching Netflix

Your Core Supporter
My husband, David.

Why You Stay With Core
It’s fun! It’s a great atmosphere to workout; everyone is super nice and supportive. The workouts are challenging, and there is a wide variety of classes. I especially enjoy the recovery classes. The trainers are all fantastic!

Core Transformation 
I feel better; I’m happier; and I have fewer hot flashes due to a better diet.