February 25, 2019

Mark always shows up with a smile on his face and a ready-to-work attitude. He has been with us from the beginning and is one of our most dedicated clients. Mark always steps up and takes new clients under his wing and helps them feel comfortable at Core. Mark is truly part of the Core Family!

Tell Us A Bit About Yourself  
I’m husband to my best friend and soulmate and step-father to her two amazing daughters. I love muscle cars, classic cars and riding motorcycles on long trips with my close friends. I chose CorePhysique after seeing an article in the local paper about Kolleen and her passion for fitness. I was at another gym, and when they abruptly closed, I thought I would try a workout at Bell Memorial Park with her group. I was immediately hooked and have been at CorePhysique ever since. I’ve been a member almost since CorePhysique was founded.

What Did You Do Exercise-Wise Before CP? 
For many years, I really didn’t exercise much at all, but as I approached mid-life, I began participating in boot-camp style workouts along with some weight training at home. It was a slow and painful start with many doubts on my part that I could ever get fit.

What Is Your FAVORITE Exercise/Body Part to Work On? 
Upper body. There’s something about upper body exercises that has always appealed to me.

What Is Your HATED Exercise/Body Part to Work On? 
Cardio exercises are my least favorite thing to do. I prefer to get my heart rate up through a challenging strength training workout instead.

What Type of Music Gets Your Heart Rate Up? 
Classic rock.

Do You Exercise On Your Non-CorePhysique Days?  
Sometimes. A lot of my exercise on these days comes in the form of a full day of yardwork on the weekends and walking while on conference calls during the week at work. I have a gym located just a few feet away from me at work, but my daily schedule makes it difficult to take advantage of it.

What Is Your Favorite Cheat Food(s)?
Dairy Queen soft-serve vanilla ice cream in the biggest cone you can order!

If You Had A “Me” Day (exercise not necessary), What Would It Look Like? 
Spending the day working on cars and puttering about the house followed by a quiet dinner with my wife at a small, but cozy restaurant with no rules on what kind of meal I order.

Who Is Your Biggest Supporter? 
My wife has been my biggest cheerleader and supporter along with my close friends and Core Physique family. They have all offered encouragement and support through many of life’s challenges.

What Keeps You Coming Back To CorePhysique? 
The trainers and my workout “family” keep me coming back. My workouts with them are always the highlight of my day. The trainers are committed to helping you set personal fitness goals and succeed at reaching them.

What Is The Best Thing That Has Changed About Your Life Since Committing To A Healthy Lifestyle? 
I have more energy, endurance, mobility and better overall self-esteem. I know that on any given day I can overcome obstacles through the confidence that comes from being healthy.