Jake Gilene
September 2020

We are so proud of Jake! A father of six and always has a smile on his face when he comes in the door. Jake has been at Core%& for 18 months. He loves to push and always brings his A game. The harder the session, the bigger his smile at the end. Jake has plenty of reasons to find excuses as to why it it would be difficult to find time to work out. Six kids, a wife and a successful career. None of that stops him from putting his health on the priority list. Thanks Jake for showing up and always giving your all!

About Jake
Husband and Father of 6. 40 Years Old. Works in the Supply Chain Industry.

Pre-Core Fitness 

Favorite Exercise
Upper and Banded Touchdowns

Least Favorite Exercise 
Hamstrings and Mountain Climbers

Music To Move To
Anything but Country

Exercise Outside of Core  

“Cheat” Food Faves

The Perfect Day “No Exercise Required? 
Morning Metcon; Fun family brunch; Afternoon outdoor activity with wife (tennis, hiking, etc.); Cocktails at the pool; Babysitter for the kids and nice dinner out with friends

Your Core Supporter
My wife, Katherine

Why You Stay With Core
Great trainers and how I feel afterward

Core Transformation 
Workouts have become part of my schedule and not something I had to try and “fit in”