February, 2020

Drew is a fantastic core member. He never complains and always give 100% effort. Drew always walks in ready to workout and with a great attitude. He is not afraid to push and work as hard as he can (we love watching him pacing next to Brian Stann). One of the qualities that we admire most about Drew is his heart. He really cares about others and is always asking about a fellow Core member if they are down and out. He’s one that makes the world a better place. Thank you Drew for being part the Core tribe.

About Drew
I’m 48 years old and married to Annie with three kids – Lola (16), Summer (14), and Shane (11). We recently moved from Plymouth, MI to Milton, GA for my job back in 2018. I work in logistics for an Australian-based company called CHEP (Brambles) while my wife is a Marriage Family Therapist. Another Core member kept raving about the gym at my office. He invited me a few times, but I always had the perfect excuse (too busy with the new job, need my sleep, traveling, etc.). He finally cornered me into attending an evening METCON class back in June, 2018… I was hooked ever since!

Pre-Core Fitness 
I’ve always been a runner/hiker and enjoyed the community (and accountability) of a small, trainer-led class.

Favorite Exercise
I love the Saturday Metcon work-outs. It is the best way to start your weekend!

Least Favorite Exercise 
Used to be abs, but now box jumps.

Music To Move To
Classic rock or any song accompanying box jumps.

Exercise Outside of Core  
I take Thursdays off and will usually fit in a long hike, tennis or yard work on Sunday.

“Cheat” Food Faves
Sometimes I will sprinkle an extra teaspoon of flax seed on my raw organic brussels sprouts when no one is looking.

The Perfect Day “No Exercise Required? 
Hanging out with my three kids, chilling on the beach with a book, hiking with my wife (or a good podcast)… basically, any type of unstructured/uncomplicated downtime.

Your Core Supporter
My wife… by example. She is a hard core health nut and keeps me honest when I get lazy or start flirting with the peanut butter jar (my real favorite cheat food).

Why You Stay With Core
The trainers, the community, and the positive attitude. No matter what skill level… you will feel comfortable, yet challenged to take it up a notch. When my alarm goes off at 4:50 AM and the excuse monster starts singing me back to sleep, I just think about how good it feels when I throw that white towel in the tin at the end of the 5:45 AM workout – the endorphins are flowing and you are fully psyched to embrace the day!

Core Transformation 
It is cliché, but 100% true…better sleep, confidence, positivity, patience, focus, and energy level.