Craig Scheiblauer
December 2020

About Craig
60 YO, 2 kids – Caden, a Youngster at the United States Naval Academy and Cameron, a Senior at Cambridge High School. Met my significant other, Katy Young, in Feb. 2020. Moved to Alpharetta in July 2019 from Santa Barbara, CA after living there since 2000. Originally from Chicago, IL and attended Iowa State University

Pre-Core Fitness 
Cycling, running, hiking, sailing

Favorite Exercise
I choose to think like I like them all, otherwise it’s too difficult to get through the Metcon or Strength class……

Least Favorite Exercise 
Rebecca’s Revised Tabata

Music To Move To
I like all types of music, but Rock n, Roll, 80’s/90’s for working out.

Exercise Outside of Core  
Occasionally I do yoga, hike, cycle, or walk if I have not been to Core 5 times in a week.

“Cheat” Food Faves
Red Wine and Chocolate Eclairs

The Perfect Day “No Exercise Required? 
Sailing in the British Virgin Islands

Your Core Supporter
My Family

Why You Stay With Core
The process and results of becoming more fit a little bit at a time over the long haul of committing to working out a min. of 4-5 times a week.

Core Transformation 
More fit, feel better, more energy, stronger, hopefully, look healthier and my new, hot body attracted Katy.