Bruce Riel
April, 2020

Bruce came to us after having a total shoulder replacement! He has been so dedicated and has made tremendous progress in semi private training. His strength has dramatically increased and he continues to diligently work on mobility and stability in all areas particularly his shoulder. He travels a lot for work but maintains consistency with his exercises while at hotels on the road. Due to his commitment he has also gained muscle mass and lost body fat! He’s truly an example to anyone that being injured or having surgery is not a reason not to work out!

About Bruce
I’m 57 years old, married with two grown children and we are expecting our first grandchild in April. I have been an avid swimmer most of my life but wear and tear from years of training led to several surgeries, hours of physical therapy and eventually Core 57. Following total shoulder replacement surgery, I was looking for a gym that would work with my personal goals and rehabilitation goals set by my surgeon and physical therapist. Functional strength was important, especially upper body.

Pre-Core Fitness 
Running and swimming

Favorite Exercise
Cable core exercises and any exercises that focus on primary movement patterns – squats, push, pulls and hinge.

Least Favorite Exercise 
Single leg squats

Music To Move To
Soul, R&B and 70’s Rock

Exercise Outside of Core  
Yes – Hotel treadmills and power bands are my second gym

“Cheat” Food Faves
Cheese and crackers with a cold beer

The Perfect Day “No Exercise Required? 
Exercising as the sun comes up at the beach is a great way to start the day, either swimming or running. Then enjoying the day on the beach with family & friends, a good book, soaking up the sun and summer cocktails, until late into the afternoon.

Your Core Supporter
My family.

Why You Stay With Core
The collaboration and friendship between the trainers, especially Rebecca, has exceeded my expectations as well as those of my orthopedic team with regards to stability, strength, flexibility and range of motion post surgery. Core has also stressed the importance of variety in exercises and avoiding the status quo, avoiding plateaus.

Core Transformation 
Rediscovering how a fitness routine can help you develop body awareness, no matter your goals. It all starts with your thoughts, When you change your thoughts, you transform the quality of your life.