Bonny Barnes
October 2020

About Bonnie
36 years old…but feel like 18!

Pre-Core Fitness 
Tae Kwon Do and Walking

Favorite Exercise
Dead Lift and Renegade Row

Least Favorite Exercise 
Bulgarian Split Lunge (I do it and cry)

Music To Move To
Rock (anything with good lyrics )

Exercise Outside of Core  
I practice TKD and sometimes I go for a walk.

“Cheat” Food Faves
I have not met any combination of “bread and cheese” that I didn’t like.

The Perfect Day “No Exercise Required? 
Binge watch Kdramas, meet a friend for coffee and go to the spa.

Your Core Supporter
My husband, Nick

Why You Stay With Core
The trainers (biggest part), how I feel afterward, and the results I achieve.

Core Transformation 
Gaining muscle, losing fat, having a good and healthy routine, and doing better at TKD.