November, 2019

 Dan and Beth Bode are the epitome of dedication and consistency with their commitment to fitness! After trying and loving Core 57, Beth finally convinced Dan to join her even though he was skeptical at first! And now he’s such a fan that although he travels for work 75-90% of the time, he sometimes comes straight to the gym upon landing back in ATL! He also is committed to working out on the road in whatever capacity he can. Beth is such a rock star, she is a shining example of showing other women not to be afraid to lift heavy and she encourages every other member in her classes. We so love having the Bode’s as members of our Core family because they are the perfect reminder of what a great encouragement couples in fitness and life can be!

About Dan & Beth
We are both 57 years young, married and have a beautiful daughter, Alexa. Dan: My initial visit to Core was to accompany Beth to her first class. I had no intention of joining but was immediately hooked. Both joined January 2019.

Pre-Core Fitness 
Beth: Marathon, half marathons, group classes, strength training; Dan: Mostly weights with some cardio

Favorite Exercise
Beth: Back & Shoulders; Dan: prefers upper body

Least Favorite Exercise 
Beth: I really like them all!! Dan: Kolleen’s weight stack with pushup.

Exercise Outside of Core  
Beth: usually go for a run; Dan: Yes. Have to, as I travel every week.

“Cheat” Food Faves
Beth: Chardonnay & Truffle Fries; Dan: Chips and Guacamole

The Perfect Day “No Exercise Required? 
Beth: a day relaxing on the beach; Dan: a day of watching football with a glass of my favorite bourbon.

Your Core Supporter
Beth: family; Dan: Beth

Why You Stay With Core
Beth: Sense of community and the trainers! Dan: The trainers, the energy, and the Core clients

Core Transformation 
Beth: Increased strength; Dan: Increased energy