First, we do a fitness assessment where we establish your starting point, address any injuries, set goals and create your individualized fitness prescription. 


With two convenient locations, CORE57 offers a myriad of fitness sessions to satisfy your fitness needs.  We offer sessions in three formats - semi-private personal training, large group personal training and one-on-one personal training.  To book a session, use our  CORE57 App or book from our Schedule (note, this requires a Wellness Living account).


It’s time for your first session!  Be sure to arrive approximately 15 minutes early.  In this and every session you attend, your trainer will lead you through a dynamic warm-up, utilizing soft tissue modalities and appropriate movement preparation.


Our experienced trainers will provide a thorough explanation of the day’s workout and provide an in-depth demonstration of each exercise/move for you.  Now you’re ready to begin!  While you may repeat an exercise, our detailed program design ensures that you aren’t doing the exact same workout day after day.  Be sure to give it your best and try not to compare yourself to others - you are where you are meant to be in your fitness journey!  Enjoy the music and the camaraderie of the Core tribe - and be YOUR best self!

“This is my first month with CORE and I was a bit skeptical as I have been in a few boot camps before but what a surprise! CORE is very different than your typical boot camp, not only do I love the workouts, but it is a total package from recovery techniques for injuries to advice on nutrition, training, and trigger point. All this helps in the much needed change in lifestyle which will help me to reach my individual goals. Also, the learning is not done when you leave for the day. The communication is great! I receive emails with at-home workouts and tips. I am part of the 7:30 group with a great group of people and friends that will keep me accountable. Give CORE a shot!”.”


CORE57 Member

At my 3rd time attending CORE, I asked Kolleen for advice and accommodations for a very stiff and sore neck. She responded not just with words but with actions. While effectively leading the members through an intense leg and core workout, she gave me Trigger point therapy during the session. I was in awe and amazed at the TLC she provided and at the benefit I felt afterward and the next day. Remember, I am a newbie to the class, yet she provided attention as if I had been her client for years. I believe that CORE goes above and beyond any personal training experience out there. Kolleen is the best in class at what they do.”

Barbara M.

CORE57 Member

“I initially joined the program because Kolleen offered it as a one-month fundraiser for a baseball program. I figured for a month I could help the team and help myself. I’m now going on my 7th month. The physical results have been great, but more importantly it has re-energized my passion to workout. I’m disappointed if I miss the “opportunity” to get up at 5:20 AM to get to my workout. Beyond Kolleen’s enthusiasm, I really enjoy having the rest of class there. It’s a new set of friends. They were welcoming in the beginning to help me learn the exercises, and now we can push each other to get that extra little bit out of every exercise. This has been a great experience for me.”


CORE57 Member


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