Do you need a bit of motivation to drop those extra pounds you’ve been carrying? Or are you trying to attain more definition in the muscles you have worked so hard to get over the years? Then this is the challenge you’ve been waiting for!! 

Join other members in the
Drop A Size 6 Week Health Challenge

The overall goal to this challenge is to lose 20 pounds or 5% of your body fat.

How it works:


Sign up with a Trainer or at the Front Desk* anytime during the month of January




Commit to at least 3 Workout Sessions at Core per week



Schedule Weekly Weigh ins/Body Fat measurements


You’re not in this alone.

As we all know exercise is only half of the battle when trying to get the body you’ve always dreamed of. What you fuel your body with is also as important as exercise. Core will be providing meal plans and nutrition assistance throughout the 6 weeks. 


Now here’s where it gets interesting!

We need to know how committed you are to seeing these 6 weeks through. The best way is to put your money where your mouth is and have skin in the game.

There is an $100 Buy In to participate. *When you’re signing up, you will be required to fork over $100 in cash to a Core Employee.

The Pay Out

At the end of 6 weeks, your results will be tallied. Once all participants complete their challenge, winners will be announced. Remember the $100 Buy-In? 

The Top Three People with the most body fat/pounds lost will split the pot of dough! 

The amount in the pot grows as the participants in the Drop A Size Health Challenge grows. Encourage other members to participate so those Top 3 Winners get a huge lump of cash they can use to buy new clothes!

50% for the Winner 

30% for Second Place

20% for Third Place

One last thing, if you are one of the top three winners, we will be asking for a quick testimonial and a “new you” picture to use in upcoming marketing efforts.