Stop Dreaming and Start Doing

Written by Kolleen Losch, Owner of CORE57

January 2020 — Do you find yourself dreaming about the life you want or wish you had? We all do it. There’s something we want, it makes our dreams comes true, and we think about it often. Wistfully, we say, “If only I could do that!” It’s something out of reach, a fantasy.

Or is it…?!

What if this something that you want could become a reality? What if it’s in your grasp? What if I told you the secrets to making it possible?

At this point, I hope you’re feeling excited, hopeful, and interested. I hope this gets your attention. Remember this feeling, bottle it up, and keep it close to you. This energy is inspiration, and you can draw from this source any time.

And you’ll need it, because the answer, the secret, isn’t a magic wand wave and *poof*, it’s done. There is a process and effort involved that drive to the result, but you can and will get there.

You just have to start DOING!  Just two letters, D-O, but the meaning is anything but simple; it’s a powerful word that should become your personal anthem – DO!  Go and DO!

How To Start Doing

When you have a dream, turn it into a reality by doing something about it. That idea floating in your head starts as a picture, your fantasy, and you go from there.

Hold your mental image of the thing you want, and now work backwards. Ask yourself the question, what will it take to get there? Figuring this out is the first step. Then, keep asking yourself this question and move on to the next step, and keep going!

Remember, a process is a step-by-step progression in which each step is required to pass through to the next. Turning a dream into a realty takes time to move through each step. You can do it; you can DO.

Now Is The Time To Start

This month is a great time to start. Whether it’s a resolution or a goal, you can start doing the steps to make your dream become reality. Starting at the beginning of the year makes it easy to track and plan ahead. With the whole year rolled out before you, it’s easier to see the big picture and then break it down.

When it comes to health or finances, the subjects most of us dream about, they take time to develop or change. Give yourself at least a year.

Take strengthening your core; this doesn’t happen after a few sit ups. The core is a region of the body containing several muscle groups, and it’s part of a larger system. From leg work to full-body movements, you engage your core, so it’s not just about doing exercises that target your stomach. Engage the whole body, work slowly, build strength overall, and good changes will take place.

And there’s the secret in a nutshell. Turn dreams into reality by doing the following: engage, work, strengthen, and change, and in that order.

I can’t wait to hear the new year echo with shouts of personal anthems as you charge into the year, turning dreams into reality with every step, “I can DO it!!

If one of your dreams is to be fit and healthy, CORE57 is a great place to start. We have a variety of classes & membership options, nutrition help and we work with your existing injuries! Call today (or click here) to schedule your free full body assessment and let us start you on the road to a healthier life! 470.268-4744.


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