Are You Stepping Up to Life?

Written by Kolleen Losch, Owner of CORE57

May 2019 — I know you’re working hard, but it’s time to step it up—see what I did there? Steps may be the goal of the month, but it’s more than just moving your feet.

Every time you achieve a goal or do the work towards completion of a goal, you’re engaging with an inner fire that exists within you.

We call it motivation, determination, or grit, but inside all of us exists a passion for life that drives our very survival. But the business of Life too often drains this spirit or diminishes its power.

We struggle, against time or obligations, and too often, we curtail our inner power. Our great inner drive is put into neutral, existing but not powering us through life.

Mind / Body / Spirit Connection

Enter goals. Goals are powerful because they re-engage your body, mind, and spirit. When you’re focused on something important and exist above-and-beyond the daily grind, you’re creating something powerful.

The feeling of accomplishment, the knowledge that you’re treating yourself right, and the connection you hold to a bigger purpose elevates your existence. Now, with your spirit, mind, and body working together on a goal, you have created a powerful combination of energy to move you forward and toward a better life.

It’s a deep thought: meeting your step count is not a check-in-a-box on some form but a real improvement to your life. It’s meaningful.

What Is Accomplishment?

So, those steps that you take, each one, breaks you out of that neutral zone. You’re putting energy back into the system so that you can power forward. It comes from feeling and being accomplished, the result of meeting your goals.

It works like this: No doubt, you’re tired after a walk or run, and you’re just plain pooped from working, taking care of yourself and family, and all the other things asked of you. But there is a difference when you feel tired after moving your body versus just doing your job, going home, and making dinner. There is a satisfaction, a spring of well-being bubbling up despite the tiredness. You feel good.

At The Core

This sense of well-being that you experience permeates everything. It’s there as you power through, smashing away at the forces that hold you back. It’s there as you overcome struggles and manage the demands of life. It’s not just a step, or a set, or a work out; it’s Drive empowering you.

Accomplishing a goal declares your strength and ability to take on more then just the usual status quo; you are effective and productive, not just reactive and complacent. You make things happen. You are reclaiming your passion for life, your inner fire, your Core.

As you work on your steps, remind yourself that this is more than just a walk or run, etc. Think about the meaning of it, feel the accomplishment, and connect with the higher purpose of each count. Go, and step it up!


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