When the Going Gets Tough, How Do You Keep Going?

Written by Kolleen Losch, Owner of CORE57

May 2020 — As we all know now more than ever, life gets stressful at times. We feel the intensity, and we react in a primal way, a root response and desire to survive, that drives us to push us through no matter what. Unfortunately, the “what” that doesn’t matter anymore is too often our health.

The Three Components To Health

When the going gets tough, we tend to retreat to the lowest level of preparedness, a simple focus on putting one foot in front of the other. We relinquish any holds on our energy in order to manage the stress with every ounce we’ve got. Fitness, nutrition, and mental health tend to be the first things we discard, redirecting all our energy to those feet that must keep moving.

However, the surprising fact is those three things are the very ways to best deal with the stress. Fitness, nutrition, and mental health work in tandem, and striking a balance between all three creates a fuller, better picture of health. So, when our fear of the stress, the primal survival drive, directs us toward simple movements to keep going, we can train our brain to rise above this drive and direct us through the stress in a much better way.

Mind Over Matter

Marie Forleo, author of “Everything is Figureouatable,” offers explanations and methods to train our brains in her book that can help overcome the fear response to stress that shifts you into park. She offers ways to dispel limiting beliefs that keep us stuck. Her book serves as a reminder that holding on tight feels safe, but it also prevents you from moving. The idea is to feel the fear, think your way through the crisis, and get beyond it.

Instead of facing stressful times by shrinking down into a small existence that’s easier to manage, we can all learn how to gather our energy, strength, and power to muscle through with determination and grit. Instead of step by step, we can take leaps or bounds that still put one foot in front of the other but with much more intention, force, and productivity.

How To Train Your Brain

Train yourself to think through stress and focus on health by staying resilient. There is a difference between being strong and resilient—strength breaks when pressure applies, whereas resilience bends.

When pressure exists all around and you start to feel yourself shrink inward, breaking you away from your path to health, work hard on your thinking to remind yourself that you can manage this, you can figure this out, and you can get through it. Become resilient.

Here’s how:

At CORE57, we follow The 5 Steps to Success by building on The 7 Foundations Of Fitness. To gain resilience, we love that there is a similar path to follow and build upon:

5 Skills of Resilience: The more you can develop the following skills which you already possess, the more resilient you will become: 

  • Self-awareness
  • Attention
  • Physically and mentally letting go
  • Accessing & sustaining positive emotion

Whether as a mantra or affirmation, keep practicing these skills to improve your ability to bounce back rather than snap.

7 C’s of Resilience: These are the ways to develop resilience:

  • Control the things you can
  • Competence to know your ability
  • Coping to recognize when help is needed
  • Confidence to believe in your path
  • Connection to feel emotions fully
  • Character to stay true to yourself
  • Contribution to give with what you can, when you can

Practice and apply resilience to build your ability to bend, not break, under pressure.

At CORE57 we are passionate about helping our members to realize the highest version of themselves and to achieve whole health. We recognize that times of unprecedented stress can send us backwards, neglecting the very habits that are proven to make us more resilient. We want to help support you in regaining control over your health on all levels so that our community can come back stronger and more resilient than ever!

Working through the stress right now so you can build your body, mind, and spirit may feel impossible, but dig in with resilience and you can think your way through the crushing pressure and find whole health on the other side. And we’re here to help.


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