The Real Reasons You Need  Strength in Mind and Body

Written by Kolleen Losch, Owner of CORE57

October 2019 — Imagine that I’m the buzzer on your alarm clock, because I’m going to try and wake you up! Time is ticking away, but no one wants to talk about aging. When you’re young, it’s hard to relate, and when you’ve started the aging process complete with grey hairs and joint pain, it feels too late.

But we need to talk, NOW, whether you’re still spry or you’re feeling the aches and pains. We need to talk before it gets worse. This isn’t a warm-and-fuzzy convo, but it’s vital. We need to talk about our mortality and our attitude towards our body and minds.

Tough Talk

Early, before you notice that gray hair or feel your first ache or pain that later becomes chronic, you must recognize that taking care of yourself is vital NOW. Right now.

If you’re already there—sporting (or hiding) some grays and your wrist hurts from overuse–then you need a quick bolt of truth that NOW is still the time to do something because it only gets worse.

We focus so much on weight and self-image, the way our clothes look, and building a good physique. But really—what is the state of your muscles, your joints, and your tendons? What is the condition of your body?

What is the strength of your mind? Your thoughts will dictate your actions, so can you take control of your life? Can you concentrate on goals, motivate your behaviors, and focus on meaningful, important aspects of life?

Slippery Slope

If you slip on a slope, you keep sliding down. The same thing applies to your strength of body and mind. Once it starts to erode, it’s a slippery slope all the way down until you’re broken or busted up. Then, you put your health in the hands of a healthcare system that may or may not provide for you.

There’s a paradox, a seemingly contradictory phenomenon, in society: the world has incredible advances in healthcare, but they may not be available or affordable. There is no guarantee you will receive benefits, or good benefits. From simple health matters to major scares, it’s all complicated when hospitals are overbooked, nurses are overworked, and it takes weeks to get an appointment with a specialist.

The best is to avoid the need altogether. Don’t head down that slippery slope. Don’t depend on medical care to intervene or fix you. Get and stay healthy today.

It Only Gets Worse

The time to learn strength of mind and build strength in body is now. If you’re sore and feel pain, it only gets worse when you don’t move. It’s another weird paradox, but the less you move when you’re in pain, the worse the pain will grow. How you move matters, so you may need to consult a physical or occupational therapist to develop the proper routine but move you must.

Figure out your thoughts so that you can pay attention to the ones that hold you back. Learn motivational strategies that work for you, discover the feelings you hold that will inspire or erode your efforts, and gain resources that will help you overcome obstacles so that you can keep on going—so that you can keep on going even when you don’t want to.

Hear my alarm and don’t wait. Get strong in body and mind today. Call 470.268.4744 today for your free full body assessment and we will show you how to avoid the slippery slope of aging.


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