Find Balance Within a New Normal

Written by Kolleen Losch, Owner of CORE57

April 2020 — If ever we need to care about our bodies, it is now during this difficult time. The healthier we maintain our quarantine, the healthier we will emerge when this is over – and it will be someday—to resume our lives.

It’s hard right now to manage within our own four walls and away from routines that defined our days. Much has changed, and the impact to our bodies can take a toll. Take heart and keep your chin up that the future will be okay and prepare for that day while you have the time.

We don’t have to like this situation, but we can make the best of it!

The Quarantine Snacks

Many jokes abound lately about finishing all our snacks bought in preparation for a quarantine in one day or within the first week—most people faced the difficult times with comfort foods, a common response. Eating something savory or tasty is a quick fix to stress, giving you something simple to do with loads of pleasure to offset the emotional upset you may be feeling.

The truth is snacking can help you cope, but it can also create new problems with your health. It’s important to balance these snacks with healthy choices. The goal is overall health, and while there may be indulgences, avoid making them regular, habitual parts of your new routine.

Instead, keep your meals fairly simple. Staying home burns less energy, so make meals smaller and focus on variety. Include fruits and vegetables, grains and proteins, and balanced amounts of fats and sugars. Another way to eat healthy when you’re at home, and particularly if you’re inclined to snack, is to establish more but smaller meals throughout the day.

Building A New Routine

Also, instead of stress eating, try to use this time to find calm and peace within so that you don’t need to eat the snacks to find release. Be mindful of the time we must stay home and turn this into an opportunity instead of an obligation or confinement. Let’s use this time to reset old or bad habits and begin anew, emerging into the world with newfound strength that goes to your core once this uncertain time is over.

Create balance to your day by sectioning the hours into manageable parts to build a new routine that includes healthy living. You’re home all day, but don’t see the time as homogenous—morning renews the day, so do things during this time that renew you. Connect with our CORE57 virtual classes. Starting your day with some movement can give you momentum for the next part of the day, the mid-day. Think about the goals you want to move forward during this time. What can you plan for tomorrow? Keep thinking about the future so that you stay in motion.

In the evening, wind down and use the end of the day for reflection. What went well today? What might you want to change? How are you feeling at your core?

Every Day Is A New Day

Remember, it’s never too late to make a change. Every day is a new day and a new opportunity. Take advantage of the time to become the best version of yourself despite the circumstances.


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