This is Your Year to Make the Grade for Fitness and Health

Written by Kolleen Losch, Owner of CORE57

August 2019 — My head is spinning that it’s already August!  The Back-To-School season is in full gear, and I am excited for the year ahead. This is a great time for a fresh start. It’s a new beginning, and with it can come some new routines to make life healthier.

Make A Break

First, break out of your comfort zone and plan a new routine to shake things up and get moving. Borrow from the ways that schools organize the year. From holidays to midterms, school calendars break up the months ahead into manageable chunks that coincide with academic goals, and you can do this, too, with your fitness goals.

Or, whether it’s two or four semesters, schools divide the year into segments that include a measurement (exams) and an evaluation (grade). You can follow this system, too. Set up a test for yourself further in the year to see where you’re at on the way to achieving your goal.

For example, let’s say you want to focus on improving your cardio and building in more endurance. What would you want your heart rate to be mid-Fall? Where do you want to be by December? Set a number and then shoot for it! Build in a few tests along the way – plan to try a more challenging cardio class around October and see how you’re doing.

Then, come December’s end, plan for a reward should you accomplish the goal. Like passing a class, how will you celebrate the completion of the goal? Consider creating a certificate(s) for yourself that get hungs prominently in sight to showcase your achievements, much like the report card gets put onto the ‘fridge when there are straight A’s.

Make-Ahead Meals

As the school year kicks into gear, also look at this as a wonderful time to plan your meals. Seasonal foods are fun to follow, and you could look ahead at the calendar to see what will come into season every month. Make each month a theme and plan meals around this food.

Also, kids’ cafeteria lunches are historically unhealthy from fries to greasy pizza. More and more, parents are sending their children to school with fresh lunches put together at home. A long way from the era of brown-bag lunches, there are some great `portable, re-usable lunch containers that make it so much easier to eat healthier.

Look for bento box containers to make meal planning a breeze. These containers have about three to four smaller sections within so that you can fit multiple meal items and keep them separated. Also, not only are the sections smaller to help with portion control, but you can match the sections to the food groups for better nutritionally balanced meals. An added bonus? If you get several, you can fill them on a Sunday and grab-n-go throughout the week!

Get In The School Spirit

It’s August, the school year is starting, and you can take advantage of this season. Let’s make the upcoming school year your year to get organized about your fitness routines and meal planning!


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