Five Ways to Focus on Fitness While Traveling

Written by Kolleen Losch, Owner of CORE57

July 2019 — Summertime is a popular season for traveling, but it’s also the time most likely to knock your fitness routine off the tracks. From travel snacks to losing gym time, it’s very hard to maintain your exercise and health regime when you’re on the road.

Here’s the good news: just because it is hard does not mean it’s impossible!

Health And Fitness On-The-Go

There are ways to stay fit and healthy while on the go. Sometimes, it’s a matter of being creative, and other times, it’s taking advantage of opportunities that exist.

•    Amenities Included. Hotels are more aware of today’s needs to stay fit while away from home, and some are even providing the hardest equipment to bring with you—gym shoes! That’s right—packing is difficult enough without trying to find a way to get a bulky pair of these things to fit, and so hotels are offering gym kits that provide your fitness clothes on-site—including the shoes!

•    Clever Bookings. Forgoing the elevator may seem intimidating when your room is on the 20th floor of a high-rise hotel, but you can work with the reservation specialist to book one closer to the ground. Sure, your view may not be prime, but you’ll be able to take the stairs to your room and build in some actual cardio movement.

•    Portable Workouts. So many devices can play video that they make it possible to bring your workouts with you. From a phone to laptop, port along a workout video that lets you keep the momentum even when you’re away from home. Set yourself up in the hotel gym or be creative—ask if you may have access to an unused conference room for an hour.

•    Plan Ahead. If you’re traveling for pleasure and not work, schedule some activities that take in the local scene while keeping you moving. Scope out calendars on tourism sites to see the available events that will take place while you’re there and look for anything that keeps you moving: hikes, bike tours, garden walks, 5ks, etc. that will get your blood pumping. You will make memories while still hitting your fitness goals.

•    Motivation Minders. No matter where you stay, there will be a bathroom mirror. Get out your whiteboard markers! Post across the top a motivational slogan or create a checklist to track your activity level. The mirror will wipe like a whiteboard when you’re done so you’re not damaging anything, and you’ll be able to visually remind yourself or chart your progress.

Make Healthy Travel Plans

Traveling while staying focused on your goals is tough, but not out of reach. With a little forethought and planning, you can keep yourself on track. Whether you bring your own materials like a whiteboard marker or video, or take advantage of local activities or hotel gyms, there are ways to stick to your plans.

The important thing is even when you’re out of town, healthy living doesn’t just wait for you at home—it goes with you.


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