How to Charge Your Core with the Power of Community

Written by Kolleen Losch, Owner of CORE57

September 2019 — There comes a time when you must rely on others, and it’s then that you understand the power of community. We all exist in our own spheres, but tragedy or extreme need will find a way to burst our bubble. You cannot always go-it alone.

Somehow, asking for help was deemed a weakness. We fear judgement when we ask for help and worry about what others think; we feel embarrassed that we can’t “handle it,” and we believe the hype that only a strong person manages everything alone.

Who defined strong as “Alone”? Who decided the quality required for resilience is “Solitary”? It takes strength and courage to admit weakness and ask for assistance. It takes strength and courage to put yourself out there and say, “Can someone please help?”

Bursting The Bubble

Let’s replace Alone with Among and Solitary with Solidarity. Let’s really change perceptions so that we can choose to come together and form a chain, connecting us all to one another.

  • Don’t feel shame that your health goal has slipped away because you just don’t know the steps to take … Ask for help to learn those steps.
  • Don’t think your dip in morale means you must push yourself harder … Reach out for someone to help motivate you.
  • Don’t think your physical limit means you deserve less attention then someone with more prowess … Allow others to appreciate your unique needs.

We’re not developing our core so we can live in isolation – we are connecting to something within on a deeper level so we can connect better with the external world through our actions, feelings, and efforts.

How To Create Power Together

When you work within a community, you achieve more and sooner than being the lone wolf. Together, we achieve more because we find support, respect, and admiration for one another. The positivity is like a well, and we all contribute, filling it to the top. Then, we all dip from it.

You can walk into a gym, feel like a number, push yourself through a routine, stand in the back of the class, and head home to count your calories alone. By contrast, you can roar into a gym where you feel a sense of belonging, realize that others appreciate your efforts and recognize your accomplishments, and see your joy and pride reflected in their faces and through their own efforts.

What Is Real Strength

Creating community takes strength.

It takes real strength to be vulnerable and let others into your bubble. At first, we feel uncomfortable and worry about others’ impressions of us, and that’s normal. But, once we break down the barriers and understand we’re all achieving something, avoid comparing, and offer support no matter the differences, we can benefit from the power of community.

Community will care for you when you can’t, energize you when you’re low, and cheer for you when you’re high. Community builds compassion, and we can all use a little more of that at our core.


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