Which Classes Will Make the Most

Impact to My Health Goals?

Written by Kolleen Losch, Owner of CORE57

June 2019 — We’ve all heard the phrase, “Burn Fat.” That’s the goal when we exercise, right? We rev up our body’s engine with cardio to make the heart beat faster, burning off the fat cells to release energy and keep us going.

The math supports this, too. Eat less and exercise to burn more calories than you take in, so you’ll see results.

A Truly Healthy Formula Goes Beyond Simple Math

Sure, makes sense. But, hold on—there’s more. This is only one part of the equation. The way to burn body fat isn’t always about feeding a churning engine; sometimes, it’s a slow burn that lasts long after you stop the treadmill or finish that high-intensity class.

When you build muscle from strength training, you create a smoldering fire that steadily burns away the fat, even after you stop exercising. Building muscle is a multi-step process that begins with stretching and pulling the muscle, causing microtears that re-build into stronger tissues, and ends with repairs to those tissues. While the stretching and pulling occurs from exercising, the rest happens over time and requires—that’s right—energy from your body. You still burn calories even though the activity has ended.

A stronger muscle burns more calories because it works harder. Even sitting, toned muscles hold oodles of potential energy, ready to burst – Think crouching tiger about to pounce; that’s your muscles, and that takes energy. You’re burning those calories.

Building Strength Is Better For The Bod

There’s another component to consider, too. Your support system, your bones, benefit from strength training. Cardio puts intense pressure on joints and tendons from high-impact, repetitive motion.

Conversely, strength training adds consistent, steady pressure that allows these parts to stretch and build, absorbing rather than withstanding impact. Your bones develop stronger connections between them and so can work better to support your body.

More Below The Surface Than Meets The Eye

It’s true that a high-intensity class that gets your heart going feels like you’re making a difference. When you jump, lunge, or kick, you absolutely push your body, expending energy and burning calories left and right. It’s immediate, and the sweaty satisfaction afterward makes you feel productive.

Just don’t ignore the power of strength training because your body’s reaction seems staider. Deep within, tissues and cartilage and cells are transforming, changes that occur out-of-sight but which will surface and make a difference. You’ll be shaping and forming your physique, including losing fat cells.

Without all this power, your engine is just working to literally spin your wheels. Your body will adjust to the high-speed, high-intensity work outs, and your results will sloooow dooowwwnn. You’ll have to work harder to achieve the same weight loss pace from early-on.

Balance Your Schedule To Fit Strength And Cardio Classes

The key to everything in life, including your health goals, is Balance. Cardio is important, but in conjunction with strength training. The two are equal parts in the equation or the sides of the same coin; you need both strength training and high-intensity classes to burn, sculpt, and achieve your health goals.


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