How to Move Forward Toward a Better Life

Written by Kolleen Losch, Owner of CORE57

June 2020 — While the degree of severity to which the pandemic affects everyone may vary, one thing is the same across the board: there’s been an upheaval in our lives. It’s been an uncertain and unprecedented time for us all. So how do we process all the changes and strangeness of this time in our lives?

It’s too easy to slap a positive spin on the pandemic and casually declare that things happen for a reason, but an optimistic take on it exists that can be determined by each of us. Now that it has happened, how can we make meaning from it?

Finding Meaning

As we cautiously dip our toe back in the water to figure out what normal means to us now, it’s a chance to really appraise our lives. Should we go back to the same routine, the same version of “normal,” or is there something more that we can do?

At CORE57, we follow a philosophy that begins with the idea that change can happen at any time once you decide to make it happen. What can you make happen from this experience of a pandemic? What can you do so that this unique moment in your life does not define you negatively or haunt you?

Let’s choose to be optimistic and determine meaning for ourselves. Instead of lamenting about the pandemic, we can use this time as a reset button. It’s never too late to start, but there are times that may work better, like when your foundation has been shaken and you need to rebuild.

Follow The Path

Our 5 Steps To Success lead toward a clear goal, and the process works the same for making the most out of a bad situation. Decide your starting point and begin to assess where you want to go. Be clear on your new purpose and set the goals. Follow the program that fulfills you the most. Take actions along your new path and implement the new lifestyle you’re working to achieve. Measure your progress to maintain your inspiration; understanding the amount you’ve grown will keep you motivated.

Choose Your Scaffolding

Just like our 7 Foundations Of Fitness, identify the very strongest impulses, instincts, desires, or beliefs that will guide you. For example, if you felt money was tight before the pandemic but somehow made it through without all the expenses of dining out, you might discover that the experience of eating at home might be more foundational to you. From this insight, you can decide to spend money differently to make a change to your financial well-being.

Discovering your foundation is often a matter of learning the things that matter most to you. It seems obvious but too often, the business of Life gets in the way and blocks our view. It can be hard to see passed habits or routines and realize that they hinder your progress because they have become so ingrained. Just remember, these are things that can change, and you get to decide when and how!


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