Let’s Be the Change We Want to See

Written by Kolleen Losch, Owner of CORE57

August 2020 — This September, the season will change, but we don’t mean the seasons of the year. We have been in a season of despair, and it’s time to change that. We believe to our core that sending out more KINDNESS in this world will counteract the effects of this difficult time, and we have a plan.

A Season Of Despair

The pandemic brought unimaginable despair to so many, and there has been insurmountable losses and suffering. Anger emerged as a primary emotion in the wake of things we can’t control, and it’s so easy to let those negative feelings take over. It’s so easy to lose hope in the middle of such chaos.

We saw unprecedented changes to our version of “normal,” and it hurt. We have all been hurt, and it’s a wide-spread pain that has permeated to the very core of our nation, communities, families, and selves.

When despair reaches deep inside, everything feels difficult and heavy. At CORE57, we understand your burden, suffering, and pain, and we want to help. We want to heal your body, mind, and soul.

The Healing Process

When you have nothing left, then there is nothing to give. Self-care emerged as a movement because too many people spent all their energy until they had nothing left, and then they could do no more. The time to replenish yourself is well before things get so bad that you deplete all your resources, and we have always been a source for you to reenergize and fill your reserves. Now, more then ever, we will fulfill this purpose on a grander scale. We aim to give back and heal our community.

Our goal is to use the month of September to spread Kindness to the core, relieving others of pain with gestures of hope, help, and gratitude. We believe that people who experience kindness will pay it forward, and soon we will build from a breeze to a gust, then gale-force winds of change.

Giving The Gift Of Kindness

To accomplish our goal, we will be launching the Core Kindness Campaign. We believe that when someone gives to another person, they experience a profound sense of goodness that counteracts the despair, so we are providing this opportunity to our members. We will give members a chance to give.

We will be providing gift cards to our members for the sole purpose to give to another person. Our members will have a chance to see suffering and be an agent for change. Whether it’s someone simply in need of some cheer or a more dire necessity like a family in need of groceries or medical care, our members can finally do something about it. Doing something will also combat the helplessness many of us struggle against right now and which leads to despair.

That’s not all—we will broadcast our message of change on social media! Members who receive a gift card will share the way they paid it forward. We believe that these messages will inspire even more good deeds and gestures of good will.

We believe in our core that together, we can make a difference and build a better, kinder world, and together, this September, we can usher in a new season of hope.


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