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Plan Your Way to Sanity

August 24 @ 9:30 am - 12:00 pm


Have you ever wondered why…

  • Friday comes and you are happy to have survived by the skin of your teeth but can’t think of anything you actually accomplished?
  • Everyone else in your family always seems to come first?
  • 5 years have gone by since you set any goals for your own personal development/rejuvenation/enjoyment? You would love to start painting, writing, or making jewelry, but never seem to get around to it?
  • Why your current electronics seem to make your life more hectic, rather than less?
  • You have let important relationships languish and your health seems to be on the decline?
  • You don’t get enough sleep and a 3:00 pm Starbucks is your savior every afternoon?
  • You wish you could work out 3 times a week, but you’re lucky if you make it once?

We all have great “reasons.” Some people chalk it up to poor time management, others, being ADHD, or some even secretly blame everyone else around them. Some sigh and think, “One day, when the kids are in college, I will pay attention to the things that matter to me.”



Now is the time to do this next school year differently! If you don’t make choices and decisions for yourself to live a life worth living, who will?

Come learn the “secret sauce” for stepping off the hamster wheel and reclaiming your life from Rebecca Bradley, Master Certified Coach and Consultant. Rebecca has been coaching Leaders, Executives, and Parents for the past 31 years and they thank her for teaching them the antidote to simply reacting well to circumstances. Her clients credit her with accomplishing the things that matter most and having time to be present and enjoy their lives.

Come to our “Plan Your Way to Sanity” workshop:

When: August 24

Where: CorePhysique

Time: 9:30-12:00

Who: Anyone who is dreading another school year on the Hamster Wheel!

Members & Non Core Members are Welcome and Encouraged to Attend!!

What you will take away:

  • A 3-year Vision for your life in all important areas
  • A system of planning and prioritizing that will bring sanity to your life using the Arc Planner (hint: It can’t be done on your phone!).
  • An understanding of “Essentialism,” and ideas for avoiding spending precious time on “the trivial many.”
  • Three things you will say “no” to, so you can say “yes” to You!

What you need to bring:

The Arc Planner System for the 2019-2020 Academic Year 

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